Products and materials

How are Cingomma products made and why is each item unique?

With our hearts, heads and hands. Every single Cingomma product has been saved from the tip and given a new life.

What is the difference between Cingomma's YouTattoo and Tube belts?

You’re right, they are all truly beautiful and you are so dazzled by them, that you can’t see the differences. Don’t worry, we can help with that.

The Cingomma belt is the mother of all our products, created from a real bicycle tyre, which has covered many miles and been treasured by its owner.
We use racing and road tyres, original and painted, giving each piece even more of a unique twist. Tyres that are especially old have been marked with the word Vintage.

YouTattoo is also made from a bicycle tyre and is the result of creativity, technology and love for our planet. It is made using a technique known as water transfer printing, which gives a long-lasting and surprisingly original colour.

The Tube belt is the latest addition to the Cingomma family. You know what the fashion world is like, always looking for something new. Well, we decided to bring out something old…literally. Tube belts are made using old, used inner tubes from bicycles and are light, cool and unique.

Where do you get the tyres from?

From the many bike repair shops located all over Italy. It is a win-win situation, for them because they save time and money due to not having to take them to the tip, for us because we acquire raw material and for the environment, which thanks us!

How does water transfer printing work?

It is a method by which a graphic image printed on special water-soluble films is accurately transferred onto the object to be decorated, in our case belts. This technique, invented in Japan, uses a special film created in a laboratory and patented by a team of chemists. The film is floated on the surface of the water and the decorative pattern is transferred by exploiting the hydrostatic pressure of the water on the object.

The result is perfect adhesion. Scratch the surface with a key or knife and you will see that it leaves no marks on the design. Don’t work away it at too much though. Let’s face it, if you scratch away for an hour, you might even file away the steel beads!

Will my laptop fit in the backpack?

It can easily take a laptop of up to 15”

What are the exact dimensions of the backpack?

Here they are: 17 x 30 x 55h

How much weight can my backpack or weekender carry?

They can carry up to 10 kg. To tell the truth, they carry more than that for us, but as usual, we have to declare less. But, hey…10 kg is a fair weight, right?

Can you customise your products?

Hey, they are all unique products, so don’t worry, none of your friends are going to steal your thunder.

At the moment, we don’t customise individual items. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, try checking again in the next few weeks, because we are constantly updating the website and each product is special and unique, just like you!
If the desire for something special is really driving you crazy, send an email to and we will see what we can do.

Is it normal that the rubber seems worn?

Yes, it’s normal, because it has effectively been used.

Whether you are buying a belt, bag, backpack or any other Cingomma product, you are helping to save the world by saving a tyre from certain death. That tyre was once married to a wheel and they had some wonderful times together.
Cingomma has destroyed this love affair so that you can look even cooler tomorrow when you go and meet that pretty blonde who you have fallen for… make the most of it!

My son is still at school, is the backpack suitable for him?

We use the backpack every day and load it up for trips to the office. The backpack is comfortable and perfect for a weekend break or in the urban jungle. That said, our backpack has not been certified to meet specific ergonomic standards, so if your son needs a backpack for school books that he can wear every day, we recommend buying a more appropriate product designed by experts in this area.

He has the rest of his life ahead of him for standing out from the crowd and being cool and trendy with our products. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today though, as you may have a bit of catching up to do.

Sizes and washing

What are the dimensions of the small and large buckles?

Small buckles are 25 to 32 mm high, whilst large ones are 35 to 45 mm high.

Can I shorten the belt length myself?

Yes, of course. We have even created this video to show you how easy it is.


Are all of your products safe and clean?

Yes, certainly…and don’t worry, it’s a legitimate question that we have been asked many times.

All material is subjected to two thorough washing processes, a sanitisation process at over 100 degrees and some manufacturing secrets that we cannot reveal. Try this simple test: take a sheet of white paper and rub a leather belt and a Cingomma belt in a line over the paper. Our belt produced the cleanest result right?

Can I wash the product in a washing machine?

We have already washed the product for you. If necessary, clean the belt with a damp cloth. To be honest, we’ve never heard of anyone putting a belt in a washing machine, which would probably damage the buckle and the washing machine itself.

Tell the truth, do Cingomma products smell?

We know, you hope that they do smell because it would mask that typical post-football match fragrance.

We have to disappoint you there, as none of Cingomma’s products have an unpleasant smell, not even when new. On the contrary, unlike traditional belts made from materials of animal origin, they do not even acquire that typical unpleasant smell caused by use.

Orders and payments

Are the products on the website the same as those sold in physical stores?

All of the products are unique, so you might find something similar, but there are no two Cingomma products that are the same anywhere in the world.

Why are prices in a physical store sometimes different to those in the online store?

We know what you are thinking, “this is where the con lies”, but we have a quick answer for this too: the stores are our partners and have enabled us to grow and develop, expanding quickly all over Italy.

We suggest a recommended retail price, but let stores set their own prices.
That is why you may find slight variations in price between various stores and the online store.

Anyway… you always win by going to the store: you talk to a real person, get out of the house, get some physical exercise and help keep stores open. So if there is a store near you, don’t buy here, go and visit the store!

Can I order by phone?

By phone? What do you mean, by phone? We’re not a pizzeria! Besides, the line would probably be engaged and even if you did get through, I don’t have a great voice.

It was here a moment ago… then the product disappeared from my basket. Why have you done this to me?

We are so sorry for your loss….but someone has to tell you: your chosen Cingomma has been purchased by someone else who was quicker off the mark.

What was that? What can you do about it? Quick, choose the one you like best and defeat your enemies, buy it before they do!

Can I add an item once I have placed an order?

That is not normally possible, because orders are prepared and dispatched fairly quickly by our legendary team of super ninja packers. However, delivery is usually free for most of our items, so we recommend that you just place a second order.

Can I pay on delivery?

You have to pay to play!

As you know, we respect old traditions and this is one we are especially fond of. Joking aside, unfortunately the answer is no. Cash on delivery costs more, it’s not convenient for anyone, we are after all in the third millennium now and our expert consultants have advised us against it.

Besides, if you’ve ended up on a website this cool, we’re pretty sure you have a payment card!

What methods of payment do you accept?

Here they are, all for you. You must have at least one of these, come on, no excuses:

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)

  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)

  • American Express

  • Diner's Club

  • JCB

  • Apple Pay

  • PayPal

Basically, our policy is #justpayus

Production sites and headquarters

Where is Cingomma based?

We are based in the city of Turin, at Via Valprato 68.

Our workshop is a really, really cool place. When you enter, it’s like walking into a film shot in New York in the 1920s.  Forgive us if we boast about this a bit, but we really love our headquarters.

Can we visit the places where your products are made?

We’d like to say that so many people come and visit us that we organise tours, but we’d be telling fibs. However, if you’d like to come and visit us, you’re more than welcome (that way, you can also tell people how great our headquarters are, so we are not the only ones going on about it).

Is your workshop really as cool as it seems in the photos?

Come on, don’t make us blush, as if we haven’t mentioned it enough….yes.

Aside from our total lack of modesty, we want you to know that we have made it so great because it sits well with our philosophy of living well, our love of Italian style and the importance of doing things properly. This is where we think and create our finest work, which is then transformed into the products you wear, so for us it is essential that it all starts here.

Deliveries, returns and replacement of online purchases

How long does delivery take?

We will be with you in 24 to 48 hours. It could take up to 72 hours for the islands and remote locations. Remember to take into account packing and collection times as well as transport, even though we are very quick.

It should have arrived yesterday, but it’s not here yet. What should I do? I’m beginning to despair

Despair seems a good option, we would feel the same in your shoes.

That said, have you tried tracking the parcel with the courier? Maybe they can give you more information. Alternatively, send an email to and we will try to help you.
In the meantime, despair away.

If I am not happy with something, how many days do I have to return the product and how do I return it?

Hercules, our specialist thumb-breaker, will be happy to help you with your enquiries about this subject.

He will tell you that you have 14 days, from the date of receipt, to return your Cingomma goods and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Companies and corporate gifts to employees

Do you offer any special deals for corporate gifts?

Certainly. Write to us with your ideas and we will work with you to find a solution! On request and for orders over a certain volume, we can even customise items with your logo. Send an email to or go to our contacts page.

I need a fast turnaround, is that a problem?

Obviously, we can’t promise you anything without knowing what we are talking about. However, as we manage all of the production ourselves, we can do our best to meet your needs. Send an email to or go to our contacts page.

Interesting facts and numbers

Can I give my broken bicycle tyre to Cingomma?

You most certainly can. If your plan is to save the world by the end of the week, don’t delay, send your used tyre immediately to:

Via Valprato, 68
10155 Torino (TO), Italy

Don’t forget to include a note with your details. As well as being eternally grateful, we’ll reward you with a small surprise.

How many tyres do you recycle?

A mountain of them, actually if we piled them all up, they would reach double the height of Everest. Or, if you prefer, every two years we amuse ourselves by putting our tyres together to embrace the circumference of our planet, which is about 40,000 km!

We could give you tons of other examples, but let’s not waste time. We keep making our products and if you keep buying them, the number will keep growing. We like challenges.

Retailers and physical stores

Can I buy Cingomma products in a physical store?

You certainly can, our products are stocked in about 250 stores in Italy and abroad and we are very proud of this.

The product I am looking for is not on sale in any of the stores in my city. What can I do?

At this point, I suggest you buy it here, from our online store.

When your dazzling new product arrives, you can then go to the trendiest and coolest store in your city and let them know that the time has come to sell innovative, brilliant and eco-friendly products! Thanks for your commitment. You’re a true friend!


For everything else, there’s Ma…urizio